Modern Style Picture Frames

Picture frames are a beautiful way to showcase special memories or favorite art pieces. However, choosing a frame that accentuates the framed artwork or photograph is key. Many modern styles of picture frames are minimalistic and lack details or embellishments that might detract from the image being framed. These simple, clean lines can enhance any framed photo or piece of wall art.

One of the most popular modern framing trends is using a natural wood frame. This frame style is made with a light color wood that complements both black and white prints and works well for photos in sepia tones or those set in nature. The natural wood also adds a warm and rustic touch to any wall space.

Another great option for a modern picture frame is a floating frame. Floating frames use clear glass or acrylic in place of a traditional mat to give your print the illusion of being hung on the wall. The result is a stunning, contemporary look that will draw all eyes to your memorable photos.

Aside from the color, material, and style of a modern picture frame, one of the most important factors is the size. When choosing a frame, make sure it is the right size for your art or photos to fit inside. Too big or too small can throw off the entire display.

Another trend in modern framing is the use of multi-photo picture frames. These frames are a perfect solution for people who cannot decide on just one picture to frame. These frames come in a variety of sizes and have the ability to hold up to four pictures in one frame. This gives each picture a unique look and feel while still keeping the overall display organized and tidy.

Other types of modern picture frames include textured and distressed metals. These styles are designed to give a unique, rustic touch to any art or photograph while adding an element of interest to any room. Whether you choose a light or dark tone, a hammered finish can help bring a sense of history and depth to any piece of framed art.

Modern framing also focuses on combining styles to create an artistic effect. Some artists, like Post-Impressionist painter Henri Matisse, used framing as a way to break down boundaries between painting and sculpture or between art and everyday life. By incorporating frames in their works, these artists reshape the way we see art and how it is displayed.

Aside from enhancing your photographs and art pieces, modern picture frames can be a fantastic way to tie your home or office together. By experimenting with different styles of picture frames, you can find the perfect way to express yourself and your unique personality. So, take some time to browse through the many different modern picture frame options and find the perfect one for you and your home or office!